Pay Only For the Legal Services You Need    Are you considering divorce or has your spouse begun divorce proceedings? Before you attempt to save money by filing for your own divorce or hiring a low-cost attorney, explore your options with the law firm of Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law

We help you access the right experts for your case, including custody, maintenance, and financial evaluation experts.

Whether your case is simple or complex, we ensure you are taking the right steps from the outset.

To learn more about divorce coaching and legal consulting, see Consult.

Our Philosophy and Approach to Divorce    Divorce can be one of the most devastating or positive experiences that can have implications for the rest of your life. You need an experienced counselor who can help you make those critical decisions and provide technical and emotional support through a difficult and complicated process.

The law firm of Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law, prides itself on helping you understand what your options are and providing a realistic expectation of the costs and the outcomes. We will not make unrealistic promises for success. Instead, we give you our complete attention, focus on your needs, work efficiently and are available to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We believe it is your divorce. Whether you hire us full time or pay only for the consulting you need, we simply clarify the divorce process and get you organized. With our help, you can be confident in making the decisions that work best for your family.

Allocation of Parental Decision Making and Parenting Time    We are experienced in the legal issues surrounding the allocation of parental decision making and parenting time (formerly called custody and visitation). We work with you to communicate to the court your view of the child's best interests and to advocate for your parental rights. We assist you in creating a parenting time schedule that maximizes your parental rights and benefits your child. We help you find the experts to do custody evaluations and help you prepare for the process.

Child Support    Both parents have a child support obligation for their children. We will help you determine the best child support calculation for your case.

Division of Marital Assets and Debts

  • Is your spouse hiding an asset? We help you find the truth.
  • What is a fair value for the asset? We are experienced in the determination of worth.
  • Do you know whether your property is marital or separate? We help you sort it out.

Once all the assets and debts are known, we help determine a fair and equitable division, whether you have a simple or complex marital estate.

Spousal Maintenance    The issue of spousal maintenance in any Colorado divorce case is quite complicated and unpredictable, and the judge's decision can seem subjective. We help you develop a strategy and the experts to lessen or maximize spousal maintenance, whether you are seeking maintenance or being asked to pay it.