Lower Your Costs without Jeopardizing Your Rights

  • Are you trying to save money by not hiring a lawyer?
  • Are you filing a contempt citation hoping for a post-decree enforcement of a court order?
  • Are you worried about filing your own paperwork accurately and on time?
  • Are you attempting to handle your own post-decree modification of parenting time, child support, or spousal maintenance?
  • Are you facing a complex legal battle alone?

Did you know that as a pro se litigant (you represent yourself), you are held to the same standard of knowledge as a lawyer? The court assumes pro se litigants understand the legal process and the deadlines, and mistakes can be costly.

Even if you believe you cannot afford legal representation, you can minimize your costs without jeopardizing your rights or your case through our firm's unbundled legal services. We provide consultation on an hourly "as needed" basis.

Take Control of Your Own Case    The law firm of Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law, helps you navigate a complex legal system with confidence. Instead of bargain hunting for a cheap lawyer, pay only for the services that matter the most. With our coaching and consulting services:

  • You understand the legal terminology and issues at stake in your particular case
  • You correctly prepare and file paperwork to meet all court deadlines
  • You get help finding and assessing the value of the property in the marriage, even hidden assets
  • You gain clarity on the legal process and procedures
  • You feel prepared for your direct examination and cross examination in the court room
  • You handle post-decree modification of child support and maintenance and enforcement of court orders
  • You achieve the best possible outcome for your case

The law firm of Mary F. Lee, Attorney at Law, is the trusted choice in Denver metro area to guide you through the process.

Consulting and Coaching for Your Divorce or Post-Decree Matter    The beginning of a divorce, separation, or post-decree matter can be overwhelming and confusing. What are the legal issues? Where do you begin? Who can you trust?

This firm has over 30 years of legal experience in family law, including the allocation of parental decision making and parenting time (formerly called custody and visitation), child support, the division of marital assets and debt, and spousal maintenance, as well as the criminal legal issues that are often associated with a divorce or post-decree matter. If we can't help you, we will help you find someone who can.

Get professional legal advice, assistance, and coaching from an experienced family law firm on an hourly basis. Contact us about divorce coaching today.